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Thursday, May 3 rd , Roberts Lecture. Friday, May 4 th , County Players Presents "Guys and Dolls". Saturday, May 5 th , Sunday, May 6 th , Monday, May 7 th , Tuesday, May 8 th , Wednesday, May 9 th , Thursday, May 10 th , Friday, May 11 th , Hudson Valley Fair at Dutchess Stadium. Saturday, May 12 th , Hudson Valley Creator Fest in Poughkeepsie. Comedy Night at Hudson Valley Distillers. Sunday, May 13 th , Sloop Clearwater - Public Sail from Beacon. Rhinebeck Farmers Market - Outdoor Market. Hudson Valley Fair to Dutchess Stadium.

Monday, May 14 th , Tuesday, May 15 th , Wednesday, May 16 th , Thursday, May 17 th , Friday, May 18 th , Annual Spring Sidewalk Sale in Rhinebeck! Maifest celebration of Spring Hosted by Germania of Poughkeepsie. Saturday, May 19 th , Northeast Outdoor Sports Show in Rhinebeck. Pride of the Hudson Murder Mystery Cruise. Sunday, May 20 th , Monday, May 21 st , Tuesday, May 22 nd , Wednesday, May 23 rd , Memorial Day Events in Dutchess County. Thursday, May 24 th , Friday, May 25 th , Wassaic Project Visiting Artist Lecture.

Village of Wappingers Summer Concert Series. Saturday, May 26 th , Innisfree Garden - Morning Light at Innisfree. Annual Frederick W. Vanderbilt Garden Association Plant Sale. Barn Star Antiques at Rhinebeck Show. Sock Hop". Sunday, May 27 th , Monday, May 28 th , Memorial Day Parade Millbrook. Tuesday, May 29 th , Wednesday, May 30 th , Thursday, May 31 st , Opening Day Arlington Farmers Market! Friday, Jun 1 st , First Friday in Poughkeepsie Celebration.

Saturday, Jun 2 nd , Beacon Farmers Market Outdoors for the Summer! Festival At The Falls in Wappingers! Sunday, Jun 3 rd , Monday, Jun 4 th , Poughkeepsie Waterfront Market. Tuesday, Jun 5 th , Wednesday, Jun 6 th , Thursday, Jun 7 th , Friday, Jun 8 th , Goodguys 26th East Coast Nationals. Ghost Stories in the Basement of the Beekman Arms. Saturday, Jun 9 th , Caribbean Celebration in Poughkeepsie. Cider Week Hudson Valley!

Sunday, Jun 10 th , Beacon Sloop Club Strawberry Festival. Dress Reform Lecture. Monday, Jun 11 th , Tuesday, Jun 12 th , Wednesday, Jun 13 th , Thursday, Jun 14 th , Friday, Jun 15 th , Greek Festival Poughkeepsie. Opening Day Milan Farmers Market! Saturday, Jun 16 th , Stormville Airports's Ultimate Yard Sale.

Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum. Strawberry Jammin' Festival at Fishkill Farms. McEnroe Farm - Strawberry Festival. Guided Hike at Wilderstein Historic Site. Village of Wappingers Summer Movie Series. Sunday, Jun 17 th , Father's Day at the Trevor Zoo Millbrook. Father's Day Brunch at Umberto's. Dover Farmer's Market Opening Day. Strawberry Festival at Stanford Grange. Wednesday, Jun 20 th , Thursday, Jun 21 st , Friday, Jun 22 nd , East Fishkill Summer Concert Series. Saturday, Jun 23 rd , Sunday, Jun 24 th , Monday, Jun 25 th , Tuesday, Jun 26 th , Wednesday, Jun 27 th , Thursday, Jun 28 th , Bard SummerScape - Theater.

Friday, Jun 29 th , Bard SummerScape - Cabaret and More. Cary Institute in Millbrook Presents "Replenish". Saturday, Jun 30 th , Roosevelt Library's Great Lawn. Bands in the Sand at DC Sports. Comedians at Laugh It Up! Comedy Club. Sunday, Jul 1 st , Pawling Indepence Day Celebration. Fireworks at Memorial Park in Beacon. Tuesday, Jul 3 rd , Summer Concert Series at Greenvale Park.

Wednesday, Jul 4 th , Village of Fishkill Reading of the Declaration of Independence. Thursday, Jul 5 th , Bard SummerScape - Spiegeltent Jazz. Friday, Jul 6 th , Rhinebeck Summer Breeze Weekend. Bard SummerScape - Dance. Saturday, Jul 7 th , Merritt Bookstore Author Events in July. Summer Celebration at Wilderstein Historic Site. Sunday, Jul 8 th , Antique Car Show at Locust Grove.

Tuesday, Jul 10 th , Wednesday, Jul 11 th , Thursday, Jul 12 th , Kesicke Farm Stand Opens for the Season. Pleasant Valley Recreation Concerts in the Park Friday, Jul 13 th , Mashomack Polo July Polo Schedule. Saturday, Jul 14 th , Walbridge Farm's 8th Annual Farm Festival. Sunday, Jul 15 th , Monday, Jul 16 th , Tuesday, Jul 17 th , Wednesday, Jul 18 th , Thursday, Jul 19 th , Friday, Jul 20 th , Barton Orchards Presents Farm Flix!

Movies on Bannerman Island. Hudson Valley Renegades Saturday, Jul 21 st , Fitch's Corner Horse Trials Weekend. Community Clay Day at Art Centro. Wassaic Project Open Studios. Movies Under the Walkway. The Naturals at Cousins Ale Works.

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Sunday, Jul 22 nd , Monday, Jul 23 rd , Tuesday, Jul 24 th , Wednesday, Jul 25 th , Thursday, Jul 26 th , Bard SummerScape - Film Series. Friday, Jul 27 th , Center for Performing Arts Rhinebeck -"42nd Street". Historic Red Hook hosts "Mozart at the Elmendorph". Sprout Creek Farm Burger Night!

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Bard SummerScape - Opera. Saturday, Jul 28 th , Butterfly Festival at Stony Kill. Pawling Music By The Lake. Sunday, Jul 29 th , Monday, Jul 30 th , Tuesday, Jul 31 st , Wednesday, Aug 1 st , Thursday, Aug 2 nd , Friday, Aug 3 rd , First Friday in Poughkeepsie Celebration with Fireworks! Trivia Night at Cousins Ale Works. Bard SummerScape - Mx. Saturday, Aug 4 th , Goals For Hope Soccer Tournament. Wassaic Project Summer Festival. Sunday, Aug 5 th , Jazz Cruise from Poughkeepsie Waterfront! Monday, Aug 6 th , Tuesday, Aug 7 th , Wednesday, Aug 8 th , Thursday, Aug 9 th , Friday, Aug 10 th , Saturday, Aug 11 th , Windows On Main Days in Beacon.

Niteshade Live at Cousins Ale Works. Sunday, Aug 12 th , Trihoofalon at Crosswinds Equestrian Center. Beacon Sloop Club Corn Festival. Broadway at Bannerman Island. Monday, Aug 13 th , Tuesday, Aug 14 th , Wednesday, Aug 15 th , Thursday, Aug 16 th , Friday, Aug 17 th , Rhinebeck Annual Summer Sidewalk Sale Saturday, Aug 18 th , Sunflower Celebration in Red Hook Village.

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Broadway on Bannerman Island! Sunday, Aug 19 th , Monday, Aug 20 th , Tuesday, Aug 21 st , Wednesday, Aug 22 nd , Thursday, Aug 23 rd , Towne Crier Cafe Concert Schedule. Friday, Aug 24 th , Saturday, Aug 25 th , Dolittle, Jr. Sunday, Aug 26 th , Monday, Aug 27 th , Tuesday, Aug 28 th , Wednesday, Aug 29 th , Thursday, Aug 30 th , Friday, Aug 31 st , Saturday, Sep 1 st , Labor Day Festival at Barton Orchards. Innisfree Garden - Wildflower Walk. Art Studio Views Weekend with 30 Studios. Sunday, Sep 2 nd , Monday, Sep 3 rd , Tuesday, Sep 4 th , Wednesday, Sep 5 th , Thursday, Sep 6 th , Friday, Sep 7 th , Hosted by Germania of Poughkeepsie.

Saturday, Sep 8 th , Family Fun Festival at Barton Orchards. Village of Millbrook Community Day. Sunday, Sep 9 th , Fishkill Fine Arts and Craft Fair. Monday, Sep 10 th , Tuesday, Sep 11 th , Wednesday, Sep 12 th , Thursday, Sep 13 th , Greek Festival in Poughkeespie at Kimisis. Friday, Sep 14 th , Saturday, Sep 15 th , Apple Festival at Barton Orchards.

Village of Red Hook - Hardscrabble Day! Sunday, Sep 16 th , The 40th Annual Dutchess County Classic. Kesicke Farm Fall Festival. Monday, Sep 17 th , Tuesday, Sep 18 th , Wednesday, Sep 19 th , Thursday, Sep 20 th , Friday, Sep 21 st , Saturday, Sep 22 nd , Country Festival at Barton Orchards. Alpaca Days at Lilymoore Alpaca Farm. McEnroe Farm - Fall Festival. Sunday, Sep 23 rd , Sunrise Stroll at Walkway Over the Hudson. Greystone Programs, Inc. Monday, Sep 24 th , Tuesday, Sep 25 th , I don't see the particular emphasis on old fusty words. Plenty of obscure stuff, yes, but doesn't Sunday often have lots of obscure words?

Ditto lots and lots of PPP. To me, the obscurity and PPP just spans several centuries. Should I have because I am old? Ipod NANO was for sale from to It will still be a great piece of music in years. Yes, also plenty of stuff from the 60s and 70s, but far from exclusively that. Loved the puzzle and had a lot of fun throughout.

One of my friends has a child in the fourth grade and is in constant fear of of her kid coming home with lice. Love it. The closer to the bone, the sweeter the meat. My apologies to all you vegetarians out there. And, Nancy, thanks for being gracious despite my misunderstanding which term you had in mind an f-word, not "queer".

Recent trip to Lowe's? An encounter with a decor mag? Thanks again. Too many trivial Naticks were too frustrating. This phonological gimmick is right up my alley.

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How else would you clue it? A bikini-clad astronaut in one of those landing pod thingies? It made me laugh. Leslie felt obliged to have his portrait made in them, but I swear the shirts were outrageously frilly. Custodians need a lot more than a MOP. They need a pay raise, several thousand thank-yous, an administration who prioritizes nabbing our toilet bandit. I have a clipboard and have enlisted the assistance of Mr. One time last year, they did check, and we nailed him. But all year long this year it was happening on an almost daily basis.

I was emailing the time span every day. They never checked, never looked into it. And they are loath to allow me access to the cameras so that I can own this little project. Not a fun puzzle. Too much crosswordese and obscure names. Might be time to just solve Monday to Saturday and skip Sundays unless they start to improve soon. I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. LMS, I think the object switches. You brief the two men. They debrief you. They are briefed. You are debriefed.

That is so cool. Does not work for flammable. I totally loved this puzzle. So it required a little Maleskan glue in a couple of places. So what? It was fun. Some really great clueing throughout. I would say More Please here, but how could there be? I liked the fact that even though I knew that Pirates played Orioles in '79 World Series, I still needed at least one more answer to determine how they intersected in 63D and 75A because each team has 7 letters, one of the answers was plural, and 2nd and 3rd letters for both teams were identical and reversed RI v.

If this was by design, it was pretty slick. All theme answers hit the mark for wackiness and cleverness IMO. I MIGHT calls to mind a hysterical sketch from the early days of SNL, in which all of the female cast members are young teens at a slumber party, whispering inaudibly among themselves, clearly about the sex act.

If Will Shortz is looking for justification to continue publishing crusty old puzzles with dated references, he has to look no further than the comments section of this blog. You guys love this stuff! As someone born in , this was a total slog. Reminds me of when someone has a Trivial Pursuit game at their house that they bought in so I go from a normally good player to totally in the dark. This crossword proved that I will still never get there some days.

Makes the solving experience more satisfying. Pun lover here, so adored this pun filled puzzle with some great clues and some great words. The L'Eggs one made me truly laugh out loud.

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We get ancient baseball clues all the time, why not ancient pantyhose clues? Turnabout is fair play. The word is so grand, so heavy and solid in its bearing; it perfectly describes the uplift from tectonic plates crashing into each other. A massive event and a massive result deserve a massif word. As in, "I might could make it to dinner next Thursday" or "He might could join us". Anyone else suffer this hideous permutation of the English language?

It's a solid basis for ditching those friends, but turns out they are pretty awesome people otherwise. Absolutely delightful puzzle with LOL puns, thank you so much Ms. I thought this was lots of fun and I particularly liked the themers -- all of them were clever and cute. Oh well. But otherwise, this one's a winner in my book. Hey All! Started right out of the gate at 1A wrong, put in Orion. Next answer I wrote in also turned out wrong, rxs-MED. Third answer? But solve did get better after that. Or could just be the ole brain refusing to work correctly.

But the Themers were cool. Did like the puz. Chuckled at the themers. This type of puz doesn't need a Revealer, and you don't automatically get the other themers once you figure out the trick. So that was cool. Rarity for me on a SunPuz. Am I the only one who thought 19 Across was a misprint in the Sunday Magazine?

Shouldn't it have said "glowing remainder" and not "reminder"? Anyway, struggled but completed what I thought was an entertaining albeit old-fashioned puzzle.

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After reading Rex's comments, I know why I liked this puzzle. Im an old guy who's been doing the NYT xword since forever. Including clues in modern argot is simply intellectually inept and goes along with the direction this newspaper has taken over the last decade.

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I have heard about "I might could" but never heard it in person. On a tangent, but appropriate for this forum, my favorite massacring of the language comes from the northwest, where I have heard multiple people use "acrossed" as in "Oh yeah, I came acrossed him the other day. And context to the objectified lambasting Messrs. Shortz and Maleska sometimes experience in your reviews. Would we see more of the relaxed positivity and critical but not cut-to-the-barb observation that were characteristic of your late '90s early s Shortz-era reviews? I bet more people would start doing that AVC if you covered it in greater critical detail.

They could test for themselves your very consistent claim that it is the better puzzle. So Hester's A has gone from sign of shame to sign of nobility. A rare time when I agree with Rex! On the plus side - summer is coming! Is it the easiest theme to sustain in an oversized grid? Perhaps, if they don't all have to be good puns Please don't But a lot of work went into this, so there's that. I actually like many pun puzzles, but I think the ones that depend on an arbitrary change in pronunciation tend to be the weakest. Anyway, wish I'd liked this more than I did.

Hoo boy This didn't work for me. I'm going to scooch right over next to puzzlehoarder. Where to begin??? It made me laugh a tad because I like DAD jokes. OK, I'll move along and hope something else makes me laugh a bit more. Then I began to remember LICE stories a la Aketi and the endless hours it took to comb out the little critters and I began to lose interest in the crossword. For starters, I'm going to agree with Rex and his Maleska comment. I cut my puzzle teeth during his era. I loved it when I could finally finish a Sunday.

Today felt like it was right out of that mold. I mean, that's cute and all but why was that the final scene? To each her own and all that. I don't. By the way Finished in record time. Artie Shaw and Amahl and the Night Visitors are truly great and if you don't know either of them, they are worth seeking out. That is all. Correction to my post re "late '90s early s Shortz-era reviews. Cleopatra dies when she deliberately allows herself to be bitten by an asp.

I didn't get that either until I had almost all the letters. Think about it. My agent will call your agent. Here's an alt themer: Acquiesced to the higher dollar amount? Loved the theme, but the fill? Boy howdy, that was rough. But I realize now that it is part of the aggressively dated vibe. Anon - Sometimes our misreads are so much more fun than the real thing. Aketi - I dunno - That hair scheme probably made him very popular at school. Birchbark - Doing a daily blog takes a lot of work, especially since this is a side hustle for Rex. The Diary of a Crossword Fiend team blogs most of the various independent puzzles.

Anonymous who wrote: "Misread clue as 'Like the Kardashians ethically'. Was stumped until I reread the clue. I just wish I was clever enough to think of a fitting answer. In short, AMAHL only appears often because the letters are useful, not because the Opera has as much cultural relevance in as the Kardashians. Joe Dipintoam -- Me too on first reading 10a as "Mouseketeer," then wondering why Annette wouldn't fit, because who remembers any other names?

Oh, yeah, Cubby.. Another distinctive name, and it'd fit. Ten Pins as in bowling. I kept thinking something to do with "Personal Identification Number," not picking up on the fact that the "Pin" in the clue wasn't in all caps. Z -- The "lot of work" is a sunk cost, since it already happens. I'd like to see Rex to comment on a puzzle that by definition speaks to his self-identified "Neo-Tausigian" bent. When a "post-Shortzian" returns daily to what he no longer likes, we find EMBERs of wit and wisdom 'midst what is mostly a negative feedback loop.

Mar 15, I am also recommending DarlingDTarot! Thanks x 1. All of the ones mentioned. Recently started listening to Playboi tarot and wowwwww.. Just found her and she's good, similar vibes to Stargirl : Marion Lemos. My favs are She cracks me tf up with her country accent and potty mouth. Last edited: Mar 15, Mar 29, I like the ones who put feeling into their readings, the psychic type. Last edited: Mar 31, Last edited: Mar 29, I cannot stand Astro kween! She always sounds confused as fuck! Like, is she new with tarot or something?


What is this?!!! Something about a baby? Is someone pregnant?!!! She is funny and accurate a hell! A lot of my readings for my sign keep saying for months now, even in a personal reading I had with Aphrodite Routh on fiverr, that someone from my past is coming back, someone who just got out of a relationship or marriage. Someone who wants a relationship with me and even marriage. Also someone wants to come back and start fresh, tell me the truth or something.

I just talked to him yesterday after not speaking to him in a while and nope, still lying. Thanks x 2 LOL! Mar 31, Apr 1, Apr 16, Thanks x 3 LOL!