Bonniwell music machine astrologically incompatible

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Track listing Show. Press quotes Show. I can't imagine Music Machine fans being anything less than ecstatic with this release. Ugly Things. Customer reviews Show. Tracks The Bonniwell Music Machine 1. Astrologically incompatible.

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The Bonniwell Music Machine 2. Double yellow line. The Bonniwell Music Machine 3. The day today. The Bonniwell Music Machine 4.

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Absolutely positively. The Bonniwell Music Machine 5. Somethin' hurtin' on me. The Bonniwell Music Machine 6. The trap. The Bonniwell Music Machine 7. Soul love. The Bonniwell Music Machine 8.

Bottom of the soul. The Bonniwell Music Machine 9.

Talk me down. The Bonniwell Music Machine The eagle never hunts the fly. I've loved you. Affirmative no. Me myself and I.

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You'll love me again. In my neighborhood. To the light. Everything is everything. This should make you happy.

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In , America's fear of long hairs had been softened by its embrace of four loveable Liverpudlian shags. But little would prepare it for the arrival of The Music Machine. Their debut single and only chart hit, 'Talk Talk' , was a surly diatribe about alienated youth that barely lasted two minutes but staked out its territory right from the start:. Concernin' my reputation as something more than wild'. These opening couplets were delivered over a primal down-tuned rock stomp by The Music Machine's charismatic leader Sean Bonniwell, whose commanding vocal style vacillated between a croon and a growl.

They were certainly out of step with time, prefiguring punk rock by a good few years. The Music Machine incorporated squalls of noise and controlled chaos into their songs three years before The Stooges ; they adopted a street tough uniform close to a decade before the Ramones , and they played the kind of riff-driven heavy rock that would later be popularised by bands like Black Sabbath and Iron Butterfly.

While Bonniwell played up to the troglodyte punk stereotype, his songs displayed a literary bent that was clearly the product of a keen intellect. Like the proverbial velvet glove cast in iron, he was a poet masquerading as a thug, an aesthete posing as a vulgarian.

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He started out in the folk scene with a group called The Wayfarers , whose biggest album was recorded at the World's Fair. Frustrated with the innate conservatism of the folk scene and sensing cataclysmic change afoot in the culture, Bonniwell quit the group. The look he came up with for The Music Machine was intended to signify "unified rebellion": dyed black hair, black turtlenecks and, to top it off, a single black, leather glove worn on the right hand. Their sound was similarly meticulously-defined.