Stop believing in astrology

Believing that the Sun sign decides the personality of the individual is like believing blood groups decide the disease. Many think that astrology is a tool to predict concrete life events. In fact, astrology is a much more powerful tool than predicting mundane events. It is a tool for self-improvement, as it can reveal which area one has to improve their skills so they can lead a prosperous life. One who effectively uses the astrological guidance can take advantage of knowing that good times are ahead, and similarly, be more cautious during a bad time.

I have seen many natives being jobless and aimless in life despite having multiple Raja Yogas a higher form of yogas , primarily due to their limiting beliefs and not doing anything to advance their life. Would you be able to live in the virtual house without building it? If you have the most luxurious car with you, but you are unwilling to drive, would you be able to enjoy it? Astrology has a strong connection with karma. Astrology is incomplete without the concept of karma. See this article for a detailed explanation about Karma and how astrology relates to Karma. Karma can simply be related to cause and effect.

A planned C-section on an auspicious time is one such effort to alter the effect of past karma. But in my personal experience, it happens rarely due to the following facts:. So if someone is successful in all the above steps and able to deliver a baby during an auspicious time, then the child will have a good future according to good planetary set up during its birth.

This far from the truth. The horoscope match before marriage is one of the best ways to mitigate the risk. Thus if someone uses astrological guidance intelligently, then they can neutralize the negative indication in the horoscope by properly choosing a partner horoscope.

Most of the astrological consulting today comes along with remedies, thus creating the notion that the two are inseparable.

Meanings and belief

While most of the remedies are really focused on removing psychological impediments, the same result can also be attained by taking a conscious effort to alter decisions every day and stay in that decision for a long time. One who understands that remedies are just placebos can alter their future with conscious effort. I have explained how remedies work at the psychological level in this article. There are so many misconceptions about retrograde planets. Later people devised such theories based on their own interpretations. Retrogression occurs during the planets at aphelion farthest distance from Sun.

It is during this time the planet will move slower and hence when viewed from earth it will appear to move backward. For example, when Jupiter is at aphelion, it will move in slow motion, looking like it is moving backward. You can imagine retrograde motion as like an overtaking car. While overtaking with respect to the speeding car, the slower car appears to move backward.

Myth #10: The Sun sign reveals your complete personality

The retrograde planet would get highest chesta bala and thus increasing the overall shadbala of the planet. I will discuss the technical details about shadbala in a separate post.

How to stop believing in astrology?

As per classical Vedic text, the retrograde planet should be analyzed in the same way as the planet moving in normal motion. Some astrologers would give variations in the divisional chart as the reason for the difference in the life of twins. But if you apply this scenario for two people born in the same hospital at the same time, then the divisional chart would also be the same thus failing to address the question of scholars. Some believers in astrology might happen to be authoritarian, but there are a number of other traits that predict belief more significantly.

Frequent horoscope readers are more likely to be women, for one, and single, and in search of a greater sense of control none of which are factors that have ever lent much credibility to any practice whose enthusiasts are defined by them. Among those who answered affirmatively to having ever read an astrology report 73 percent of all respondents , 44 percent responded that they do so often or fairly often.

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But only six percent of those who admitted to having ever read an astrology report said they took what they read seriously or even fairly seriously. The aphorism seeing is believing' has it backward, as evidenced by skeptics who don't believe man went to the moon and contend photos taken by the astronauts prove their point.

It was cheaper than buying a pair of aura goggles—even without the shipping costs. And of course, you will need to stop posting in this section to make the "cure" complete. Source s :.

3 Myths About Astrology You Should Stop Believing

Add a comment. I know what you mean. I used it as a tool for self realization. It taught me a lot about myself.

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I never used it to tell the future though, and I never really looked at it as a belief system. It is just a tool. After a while I got bored of it. Living is much more exciting - facing and reacting to all the wonder unexpected things life gives you. Sure you can probably rationalize those things you experience through astrology and come up with some good generalized explanations. But while you're sitting there figuring it out, life is passing by.

The Psychology of Why People Believe in Astrology

Astrology is not supposed to replace life. Go live, enjoy, and love the ups and especially the downs. Life loves you, and wants you to live. So go do it. One day in class, my teacher told us to write down our date and time of birth. We did so, puzzled, but he is kind of a joker so we thought he was just joking around. The next day he gave us each a folded up paper. He said he'd found our personalities based on our horoscopes, then after we read them he had us vote on how accurate we thought they were. Almost everyone thought they were pretty accurate.

Then he had us switch with someone, and we quickly saw that they were all the same. The point is, astrology is perfectly believable Try looking up the Forer effect. The Forer effect says that all astrology is, is making statements that seem specific, but are applicable to almost everybody. My teacher actually got the idea from a youtube video called Derren Brown- Cold Reading.

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  • Also, if you search "Bill Nye the Science Guy on Astrology" on YouTube, and you'll find that you might not even actually have the same star sign that the astrologists say. Ask where does astrology clearly do anything better than random chance. If it can't beat out guessing what use is it? Where is any statistical support for astrology?

    Something that is a proved fact. Which type of astrology is the most accurate?