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How to use Karaka Significators in Birth Chart: In a birth chart, certain planets are responsible for certain things no matter where they are placed in the horoscope. They are known as the significators. If you have a cancer ascendant, then 2nd house is controlled by Leo, whose ruler is the Sun. Any aspect to the primary significator affects the person or life theme greatly. Any major transit to the primary significator will similarly affect the person or life theme signified either directly things get better or worse or their relationship with the native.

The condition of the significator e. Both Venus and the 7 th house are descriptors of relationship themes. If a person has a Venus that is also the ruler of the 7 th house which gives it a double influence upon relationship , then anything affecting Venus will impact relationship themes. So if — condition A above — Saturn is tightly conjunct Venus, then Saturnian themes will infuse relationships, such as having an unavailable partner, delayed partnership, a depressed partner, a very serious, fearful, or inhibited partner, etc.

Or — condition B above — if the person's natal Venus is squared by transiting Pluto, relationship will undergo very deep changes or even end. And this would most likely not happen if Venus were not the lord of the 7 th house. Or - condition C above — if Venus is exalted in the chart, the person will have exalted partners, i. All of this finally brings us back to the title of this essay, Why Mom Fell, and how my mother's fall inspired me to write this article. If a chart does have a primary significator for a specific life theme or person, then there are fewer chart factors that need to be transited simultaneously for a life theme or person to be greatly impacted.

So it becomes highly unlikely that a single transit will affect all of these factors. But if the ruler of the 4 th house occupies the 4 th house, then a transit affecting it or it and the Moon, significator of mother with impact the mother's life greatly, and since there are only one or two planets to consider, this is much more likely to occur. In my chart, that is the case.

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My Moon is in the 4 th house, and is therefore the primary significator of mother, and so any transits to the Moon will doubly affect her. But in fact my chart had "a perfect storm", i. On the fateful day, transiting Saturn conjuncted my natal Mars, the ruler of my 4 th house, but because Saturn was also two houses behind the Moon therein, by Vedic aspects, it also aspected my Moon, the primary significator of Mother.

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And within two days of Saturn entering the first degree before Mars, my Mom fell and cracked her pelvis. This really woke me up to the importance of focusing on the places in any chart where life themes can easily be impacted multiple times. Further Examples. Note: in Vedic astrology, the forward sextile of Saturn is a preeminently powerful aspect even if the orb is wide by Western astrology standards.

Saturn becomes the Primary Significator of children in Paul Newman's chart because it aspects both the 5 th house and the significator of children Jupiter. While there were no major transits, by Western reckoning, on the day of his son's death by drug overdose, transiting Saturn was forming an exact sextile to natal Saturn on that day. In my case the 10th house represents my mother.

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My 4th house is Pisces, empty with Neptune in Capricorn. Neptune is also ruled by Jupiter. My Moon in in Taurus. Mother doesn't has any Taurus. Just her Mars, and it doesn't has any strength in her chart. Her Venus is in Cancer placed in her 7th gives her some strength. Sun is in Virgo aspecting Mars and Uranus My tenth represents my mother too.

Because my moon is there and also conjunct. I'll tell you what's funny. I also read somewhere that your mothers moon is most likely your rising obviously a generalization, and most likely not true.


But that's very true for me, especially with a major harsh aspect between my moon and ascendant. I can see equating the 10th house with the Mother if your Moon is there. But generally, if Mother is represented in part by the Moon, then she must correlate with the Fourth house.

Works for me, anyway: My fourth house is in the sign of HER Moon; my Sun in 10th is very much more like my Dad, who ran his own business.

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My Part of the Mother, btw, is at 2 Gemini, just a few degrees past her late Taurus Sun, and does reflect her talkative, sociable side. Hello, Quote:. Originally Posted by tsmall. Hi Judy. I'm curious because I don't study modern astrology is the idea that the Mother, as represented by the Moon, because Cancer is considered the "natural" fourth house? I also just wanted to point out that while most of us today at least can see where our parents' planets are in their own charts, even if we don't have a birth time to get an ASC, back in the olden days this wasn't the case.

I also wonder if the ideas of the Moon representing the Mother isn't to tell us about the native's mother, what she may be like for example, Moon in 6th could mean mom toils hard in some capacity for the family but using the lots and finding the Almueten isn't a way of being able to predict actual events concerning the mother?

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Finding your mother in your natal chart Often it is said that the Moon represents the mother Find all posts by tsmall. CapAquaPis Senior Member.

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