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Most of you are not yet aware of the extent of an imminent shake-up in your relationships. But it will be good to meet new people and discover new lifestyles. You are basking under classic indications of good fortune in personal and romantic relationships. A family gathering is a great idea. The Moon is stating a simple fact, namely that smooth communication is the key to your plans and happiness.


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Learning your heart's desire is important so that when you're ready to pursue it next month, you'll know which direction to head! Despite this, there is much going on behind the scenes and in your emotional world as you deal with loose ends. Some of you are inclined to take a time-out or period of repose and recuperation. It's a time for considering what you want to take with you into the new year.

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Some spring cleaning in your psyche, perhaps? Watch especially around December 2nd and for taking premature action. With Mars in this hidden area of your chart, you can be especially motivated to do something about a difficult situation or burden. Putting something behind you is best accomplished before the New Moon on the 7th. You're reviewing the past and the sacrifices you are currently making. Your inner world is animated, often pulling you inward. You may be reconsidering different elements of your life and wondering where things are going, particularly love and creative matters.

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You're more inclined than usual to look for help or guidance, likely of a more anonymous nature, such as through online groups, as the conventional sources for sharing may not be as straightforward or available. Your desires are more complex than usual, and when you do know what you want, you may not see an easy way to go after it! This can lead to creative solutions and detours, particularly around the and From the 2nd and throughout the remainder of December, you're in a great position to smooth over conflicts over money, debts, or other imbalances.

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It can be an excellent time to get a loan, if needed. From the 21st forward, more and more attention is given to your career, responsibilities, reputation, and long-term goals.

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This period brings the Sun to the top of your solar chart and can point to an achievement or an increased desire to perform and excel. It's a more ambitious period of the year--a time when you're especially goal-oriented--which you'll carry with you into Mind you, it may only be after December 31st that you feel confident about taking action. Until then, you're stepping back from your goals just a little to gain a new perspective. You might identify a pursuit that is better off put to rest.

Uranus is finishing up its long-term transit of your sign.

Sun enters Scorpio

This month, the 1st brings Jupiter and Uranus into creative aspect, and on the , the Sun's support is with you. Business influences loom large. Your extravagant tendencies extend towards partnership proposals, and a lavish gesture could secure your ends. Look forward beyond immediate strains and see that your innate charm and personal grace are your biggest joint asset.

Pisces daily horoscope by ganesha new indian express

Be confident and realise that, with a flutter of your eyelashes and a discreet wink, you can wrap almost anyone around your little finger. You are currently blessed with remarkable sensitivity and intuition. The only question is whether you can distinguish genuine perceptions from idle hopes, wishes and fears. This is not as easy as it sounds, especially as the facts seem to be shielded by a layer of fantasy.